Dr. Christine Cyriacks, DACM
Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Christine Cyriacks
Dr. Christine Cyriacks brings 18 years of experience to her private practice, Christine Cyriacks Acupuncture. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2001 with a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This degree includes a license in acupuncture and Chinese herbology. From there she went on to pursue a Doctorate.

As Dr. Cyriacks was establishing her private practice she also taught at the Swedish Institute, a Chinese Medical and massage school, in New York City. Most recently, Dr. Cyriacks contributed to an article, The Importance of Will when Confronted with a Life-Changing Diagnosis for the on-line magazine Lifetime Daily as well as interviewed on the subject of Chinese Medicine on All Business Media. She has given a number of lectures on the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine, most recently at the Menla Spa located in Phoenicia, NY.

Dr. Cyriacks studied under Medicine Woman Tiffany Carole as part of the Master Healer Program and practices Acupoint Aromatherapy – the use of aromatherapy oils on acupuncture points. Besides working wonderfully with patients in general, it’s a great way to treat children and needle-phobic patients.

Dr. Cyriacks is a Reiki Level II practitioner, trained in Sound Therapy, and is also trained in trigger point acupuncture, which is an extremely effective needling technique for pain syndromes.

According to the Washington Institute of Medicine, 1 in 3 people live in pain. Dr. Cyriacks specializes in treating pain syndromes. Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating arthritic pain, back pain, knee pain, arm and hand pain, shoulder pain, neuralgia, stiffness, cramps, aches, etc. Acupuncture is also an effective option for: tendonitis, insomnia, arthritis, headache/migraine, menopause symptoms, fertility, stress, anxiety, and many, many other health issues.

Dr. Cyriacks applies her innate intuition and empathy skills along with traditional educational venues to guide treatment protocols. She is noted for her precision in assessment of mind, body, and spirit and how their interconnectedness impacts one’s health and quality of life. As each person is so uniquely individual their treatment protocol is tailored to what each may require so, quite often, Dr. Cyriacks uses a combination of modalities to address what each patient needs.

“I chose to become a healer because there is nothing more satisfying than witnessing someone heal; to go deeper within themselves; to have a better quality of life. Whether it’s a pain syndrome or emotional trauma the body has the innate ability to heal itself. The healing modalities I provide act as a catalyst to facilitate the body to do just that. There is no separation between mind and body… in order to heal one, you must work on both.”

In her time away from healing she enjoys spending time with her 2 beautiful children, Natasha and Matisse. When she creates time for herself she enjoys yoga and ballroom dancing. She is also studying Praying Mantis Tai Chi Chuan with a 10th generation disciple.

“Your Body’s Ability to Heal is Greater than Anyone has Permitted you to Believe.”

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