Sandra Johnson Shakalov, PTA, BSPTA, CFSF

About Sandra:

Sandra Johnson Shakalov is a highly dedicated and skilled Physical Therapist Assistant with a profound passion for her work. With a special focus on fascia glide and the inter-relationships between anatomical structures, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to enhancing the well-being of her patients. Sandra's approach to physical therapy is characterized by her utilization of segmental training to develop and enhance the stability and mobility of those under her care.

Qualifications and Achievements:

Sandra's qualifications and achievements are a testament to her unwavering commitment to her field. She holds Level 3 certifications in both the medical and fitness domains, showcasing her comprehensive knowledge and expertise. However, it is her remarkable distinction as a Level 3 Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist that truly sets her apart. This coveted certification places her among an exclusive group of fewer than 100 individuals worldwide who have reached this pinnacle of training in Fascial Stretch Therapy. This rare expertise allows Sandra to provide her patients with cutting-edge techniques and a level of care that is second to none.

Professional Interests and Experience:

Sandra's professional journey is enriched by her diverse athletic background. She has a remarkable history as a national-level competitor in synchronized skating, showcasing her dedication to precision, teamwork, and performance excellence. Additionally, her experience as a former NFL professional cheerleader with the Buffalo Bills has given her a unique perspective on the demands of high-performance physical activities.

Positive Professional Impact:

Sandra's passion for her work, combined with her outstanding qualifications and diverse experiences, make her an invaluable asset to the field of physical therapy. Her ability to understand and address the intricacies of the human body, along with her dedication to optimizing the well-being of her patients, ensures that she is a true leader in her profession. Sandra Johnson Shakalov is not only a talented Physical Therapist Assistant but also a dedicated advocate for her patients' health and vitality.