Virtual Diagnosis

SCORE Physical Therapy & Wellness is now offering virtual diagnosis and treatment!

  • Virtual physical therapy is a way for you to connect with your physical therapist utilizing two-way video conferencing via Zoom (HIPPA Compliant).
  • Fill-out our new patient forms, which can be downloaded from our website and email them back to us:
  • Call, email, or text to schedule an appointment:
  • Receive an introductory email from our team of physical therapists, explaining how you will be contacted and asking you what equipment if any, you will have access to for your PT sessions.

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SCORE's methodology for virtual diagnosis and treatment.

All of our Physical Therapists at SCORE, are specifically trained and certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). This higher level of training enables our clinicians to assess for mechanical dysfunction, tissue extensibility dysfunction, as well stability and motor control issues. These selective functional movements allow us to diagnose your condition by the way your muscle, bones and ligaments respond to our movements.

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