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SCORE Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

At SCORE Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we are about quality. We have created a unique and individualized approach to the evaluation and treatment of Orthopedic and Sports related injuries in which each patient is treated by ONE Physical Therapist for ONE Hour in a PRIVATE Room.

Our Philosophy:
Our unique functional approach to physical therapy focuses on the “whole body” and how it coordinates movement. Our systematic evaluation of static and dynamic postures enables us to test for muscular imbalance and determine whether or not a muscle may be short and tight or lengthened and weak. A functional movement assessment will allow us to determine if your body is moving efficiently. Inefficient movement will lead to compensations and adaptations in the body which may lead to tissue overload, decreased performance and predictable patterns of injury. We find and treat the mechanical cause of the pain rather than focus on the pain itself.

Our Mission:
At SCORE Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we strive to provide sound ethical care with comprehensive, individualized, and evidence based manual physical therapy in order to restore function, improve quality of life and empower individuals of all ages to maintain a life long commitment to health and wellness.

"The Spine And Sports Center of Orthopedic Rehabilitative Excellence"